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Workshops and Keynotes

Christopher M. Anderson is one of the world’s leading experts on trauma in general and the impact of trauma on men specifically. He is an advocate for survivors of trauma, child abuse, and sexual violence. As an author and a dynamic and engaging public speaker, Chris possesses a "rare gift" for addressing some of today's most challenging topics in ways that are accessible, empowering, and enlightening.

Ten Things You Should Know About Male Trauma

According to research, men and boys experience extremely high levels of trauma, abuse, and interpersonal violence. This has profoundly negative impacts in almost every area of society.

In ten succinct points, Chris will share with your audience a framework for thinking about male trauma that will enlighten and empower attendees to react to greater understanding and compassion.

Believe, Stay Present, "Thank You" - a Trauma Informed Response to Disclosure 

Many survivors of crime and abuse struggle to come to terms with their pain all too often they meet with professionals who ask, “What is wrong with you” as opposed to “What was done to you?”


This presentation will review some important concepts about trauma, and the potential impact of trauma on the brains, bodies, and behaviors of survivors of abuse and trauma. Armed with these concepts we will review a simple model that will give clinicians, other professionals, and lay persons the concepts required to provide a compassionate and empowering response to any disclosure of trauma.

Ten Things Partners of Sexual Abuse Survivors Should Know

Very little support or information is available to help partners – spouses, parents, and other family members – understand the complexities of living with the survivor in their life. This session is a facilitated conversation during which participants will be encouraged to engage with 10 key concepts regarding the ways in which the sexual abuse of a male partner can dramatically alter the dynamics of an intimate partnership. 

Other areas of expertise 
  • Non-Profit Management

  • Ethical Leadership

  • Trauma, Abuse, Healing

  • Social Media Management

  • Media Preparation

  • Effective Public Speaking

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